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Hidden Madrid 3 The province



Mark & Peter Besas

Páginas: 408. Formato: 14 x 21 cm. Rústica con solapas. 2018

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A blind guide, the curious case of Picasso's barber, chained convicts building a dam, a "secret" king that ruled at the same time as the "real" king of Spain, 74 dragons hiding in the ceiling of a church, a wolf hunter, the strangest traffic circle "art", a holy wafer that bled... these are only a few of the “hidden” curiosities waiting to be “discovered” by readers of this third part of Hidden Madrid that focuses on the villages in the province of Madrid.

Was the true discoverer of the source of the Blue Nile a Spaniard from the little village of Olmeda de las Fuentes?

Does the stork in the official coat-of-arms of Las Rozas represent a real stork called María?

Is there actually a solid gold brick encrusted in one of the spires of the Monastery of El Escorial?

Do the secret underground vaults of a luxury hotel in Torrejón de Ardoz really contain one of Spain's best collections of Byzantine icons?

Hidden Madrid III answers all these questions and many more. Illustrated with over 150 photographs, the book serves as a practical guide, providing maps, addresses, telephone numbers, web pages and detailed instructions on how to reach each site.